Propel into the Future With Electric Vehicle Charger Installation by Energy Connection
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As electric vehicles (EVs) become the new normal, one crucial factor arises: charging. Whether you're a proud EV owner in Canton, Connecticut, or anywhere across Connecticut or Western Massachusetts, having a reliable and convenient home charging station is a must-have. That's where Energy Connection, your local electrical solutions expert, steps in.

Experience the Energy Connection Advantage for Your EV Charger Installation.

When it comes to installing your EV charger, Energy Connection stands out from the rest. With over 30 years of dedicated service to the community, we go beyond being just an ordinary electrical contractor. Here's why choosing us for your EV charger installation is the savvy choice:

  • Licensed and Insured Professionals: Our team of certified electricians stays ahead of the curve with the latest EV charging technology and safety regulations. Trust that your installation will be done right the first time, with the utmost expertise and precision.
  • Expert Guidance at Every Step: We understand that navigating the world of EV chargers can be overwhelming. That's why we're here to guide you through the entire process. From choosing the ideal charger for your specific needs to helping you explore available rebates and incentives, we provide the knowledge and support you need to make informed decisions.
  • Uncompromising Quality: At Energy Connection, we never compromise on quality. We use only the finest materials and equipment, ensuring that your EV charger is not only safe and reliable but built to withstand the test of time.
  • Convenient Scheduling: We value your time and convenience. That's why we offer flexible appointment options, working around your schedule to find a time that suits you best. Count on us to be punctual and respectful of your time.
  • Competitive Pricing, Transparent Estimates: We believe in fair and competitive pricing. With Energy Connection, you can trust that you'll receive transparent estimates, providing a clear understanding of the costs involved before we commence any work. No surprises, just honest and straightforward pricing.

EV Charger Solutions Tailored to Your Needs:

At Energy Connection, we understand that every EV is unique, and so are their charging requirements. That's why we offer a range of charger options designed to suit your specific vehicle and lifestyle:

  • Level 1 Charging:
    For a convenient overnight charge, we provide basic Level 1 charging solutions that utilize a standard 120-volt outlet. Although it's a slower option, it offers ease and simplicity.
  • Level 2 Charging:
    Our most popular choice for home installations, Level 2 charging operates at 240 volts, significantly reducing charging times compared to Level 1. This option is ideal for those seeking faster and more efficient charging.
  • DC Fast Charging:
    While typically not installed at residences, we recognize the need for quick charging on the go. DC fast chargers deliver a rapid boost in just minutes, making them perfect for public charging stations or commercial properties.
  • Beyond Installation - Your EV Charging Partner
    At Energy Connection, our dedication to your EV experience extends beyond the installation process. We offer ongoing support and maintenance services to ensure that your charger operates at peak performance at all times. Our team is here to assist you with troubleshooting any issues that may arise and provide answers to any questions you have about utilizing your charger effectively.

Ready to Make the Switch?

Contact Energy Connection today for a free consultation! We'll discuss your needs, assess your property, and recommend the best EV charger solution for you. Call us at 860-693-3233 or visit our website to schedule an appointment.

Let's power up your drive together and pave the way for a cleaner, greener future!